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對Little Gym失望! 受騙!

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上trial class時得8個人,玩得開心所以join左.點知正式上堂時原來20個b+20個大人,超混亂,又危險, instructor 好求其,無時間理你,超失望!
如果我一早知咁多人一班,一定唔會join. 最唔服氣係佢地專登安排咁少人嘅trial class,同樣係星期日嘅class,等你以為normal class 都係咁,即係呃人姐!

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原帖由 s966034 於 10-6-10 14:07 發表
上trial class時得8個人,玩得開心所以join左.點知正式上堂時原來20個b+20個大人,超混亂,又危險, instructor 好求其,無時間理你,超失望!
如果我一早知咁多人一班,一定唔會join. 最唔服氣係佢地專登安排咁少人嘅trial class,同樣係星期 ...

銅鑼灣個間少人d可5可以調?近你嗎?or 你已經是cwb centre? 或者其他時間? 大baby gym 系gum, 沒辦法,gum出名一定好多小朋友玩ga la... 頂賣剩下個d...多人都still can try to make the most out of it ^_^ dont waste the money ma

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銅鑼灣個間唔近我呀...我都希望可以開心玩下去呀..但幾十人一堂, 真係好逼好危險.

另外, 佢地又唔會係堂與堂之間清潔下個GYM, 我見啲BB啲口水流到周地係, 一堂接一堂咁上好唔衛生囉. 奉勸大家想JOIN要唸清楚呀!

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我係銅鑼灣上trial class, 個班係平時既班黎, 唔係特別開黎試堂, 大約10個bb + 10個大人, 都ok. 不過我都覺得污糟, 我唔小心踏左落人地個bb 流左落地褥既口水, 我冇join到, 因為我bb好似唔係好鍾意, 而且驚手足口病, 都係遲d先算.

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Sucks service from Little Gym!

I got the same bad experience from Little Gym too!  I took the trial class in New World Center, and found the class & intructor were nice, and made the enrolment for Jun class.
When I tried my 1st class in Ocean Terminal, it was terrible!  Not only being cheated, and was surprised for their bad quality for intructor & facilities.
1st of all, the intructor (Mark) said he got sore throat, so couldn't talk loud, and during the class, he made no attempt to discipline the class.
2nd, there were ~15 kids+parent in the class, squeezing in the small room, with the meaningless "activity" many of the kids just running around freely, so the class was chaotic.
3rd, the games they designed were not worth me to pay $200+ and time to take, walking & running in the circle, throwing plastic balls, and the blow the bubbles for the kids (this bubble costs less than 10$), well, with such stupid games, I can do it in the outdoor public playground la, why I need to pay $ & time to do such things?
4th, the previous class got late dismission, it was late for almost 10 mins!  However, we still dismiss at original lesson time!  The original lesson takes only 45 mins, it's already less time, and the previous delay made our class even lost our time!  It's unbelievable bad service!!!

So I made complaint to the Shop manager Peter, on Monday afternoon 11am, he said he'll feedback me on the same day afternoon.  However, didn't get any feedback, until Wed, I took the initiative to call him again.  He said giving me 2 options, one is choose the weekday class, the 2nd is to change CWB center.  So I pick the 2nd option, and requested him to give phone number for CWB center, but he asked me not to call them directly to avoid confusion and wait for their call. So I asked him to give me final settlement not later than FRI, as my next class is on SUN.
However I still receive nothing from them.  So I try the number that Peter gave me, it was wrong number!

I'm really pissed with their handling way & their class management, and the quality of service!
Will definitely never take again their class!

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其實我o係新世界上trial ge時候係2月,唔知little gym係咪一早知會move,o個次係咁話好多人報,要預早報先有位,又即場報平d (真係dd咁多),咁咪報lo...

而家o係Ocean Terminal上,真係迫,上次第一堂下已經覺得個d instuctor 好hea,講野好細聲(原來sore throat),o個度又嘈,真係聽一半聽唔到一半....


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我本來在新世界上堂, weekday class, 10-12 bb + 10-12 大人. 本來都好enjoy, 亦覺得 d instuctor 幾好. 我個bb 上咗幾堂已懂在家自己打關斗, 同好鍾意上堂.

佢地好早update 咗 members 會幾時搬, 結果搬的日期都delay 咗.  

但我都唔係好覺堂與堂之間會有人清潔.  可能地蓆多, d BB 口水又係幾多時會見到, 佢地都唔多理, 我都係盡量避開ga jar! 不過我見過有BB嘔奶, d instructor 會抹的, 但有無消毒就唔清楚啦!

若無記錯,Referral 人係會有少少jetso 的, 但要係交下一期學費時才有用.

不過我都唔鍾意個新校舍, 覺得空氣無咁流通, 迫咗同嘈咗, 但價錢又無平到, 所以無再join 啦!

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回覆 7# tating 的文章

taking, I got the exact experience with you. I don't like Mark as well. His class is absolutely chaotic!

I complained to Peter as well. He didn't reply me so I called him again. He insisted that they never set up a trial class with a small class size (10 persons). He said I must have joined the trial class at weekday. Fortunately, I have kept the receipt to prove it. I ask him to double check it. But he hasn't replied me yet.

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回覆 10# jamiesonbaby 的文章


I think if the class size is around 12, there's no problem..their capacity limit is 19 persons and their weekend classes are always full.

It's easy to get a makeup class..they just increase the number of students to the class!

for referral, members get credit to their account. It's not a cash rebate and it can only be utilised if the members join in future.

Is it really that bad?  Don't they have a capacity limit?  My fd joined and says her baby is really happy and loves to play with the equipment.  But she complained about the $280 annual membership fee which is a real rip-off.  It's just an addtional fee on top of the tuition!!!

Btw, for the members who refer ppl to join, do the members get any benefits???

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TST 呢家真係好差

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Is very difficult to do make up class at the end of the semester. I lost 3 classes because all classes are full.

原帖由 jamiesonbaby 於 10-6-12 01:17 發表
Also, they 'seem' very flexible to be able to do makeup classes.  Is it really that easy to go makeup class when most of their classes are full???

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as they changed the place and trainer, the lesson become out of control....

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Good topic, and I can't control myself from joining...

I've got very bad experience with their birthday party arrangement too.
- poor English standard of the instructor;
- bad manner of the staff, and even the cleaning worker gave us hard face, because we were slow in tidying up (we were in the last section 7pm-8:30pm), we managed to leave at 8:45 under pressure;
- pushing me to settle the bill in the middle of the party, and refusing to give out ballons to my guests who were leaving, just because I haven't settled the bill, but I have put $2000 for deposit..
- complaints from my guests regarding the manner of the staff there;

I have written a lengthy complain letter to them, who came back offering me a free trial class! For sure I am not interested!

Will never ever try little gym again!

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i have the same bad experience at their Tsim Sha Tsui center, the teachers didn't show any passion for the kids...

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Try my kiddy gym, much better