Phonics 英語拼音課程 (K1 - Primary Level)

Phonics 英語拼音課程 (K1 - Primary Level)
課程導師 未有提供
課程對象 3歲 - 5歲、6歲 - 8歲、9歲 - 11歲
課堂週期 逢星期一、二、三、四、五、六
課程特色 包括網上教學、免費試堂/評估、小班教學、自家編制教材、外籍老師、本地老師、定時進度評估
$400 / 1堂


                    本中心為3歲以上的小朋友提供有效的英語拼音課程。 我們的老師致力以有趣的教學方法教導小朋友。

Caleb's Land offers a fun and positive approach to phonics learning and handwriting, which provides children the skills to read, write and spell. 

Students will achieve the skills required to read stories and write confidently, an achievement that will enable them to tackle academic obstacles they may face through English learning.
Caleb's Land Education HK was founded by experienced teachers for a purpose, which is to provide a friendly and most interactive learning environment for our children. We strive to maximize students' potentials. Our programs allow all students to grow, learn and be creative with each passing day. Through our distinctive teaching approach and our truly passionate teachers, we help students to achieve academic skills and social skills to the highest level.