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PDCA example 1

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In a previous post initiated by samuel89 related to EMI vs CMI schools, I shared some experience and some parents would like me to share how to use PDCA, an Quality Management concept to guide my son through the learning process. I promised to do that and just initiate a new post to share some pilot experience. 

I also copy my sharings and parents may easy to follow through:

It's very difficult to strike a balance between Chinese and English proficiency, no one can replace the parents' critical role; unconditional love, family relationship and open communication within the family are the key elements.

I support CMI in kindergarten and primary, but we need to provide a regular English speaking environment for him, not purely grammar stuff. I will use language programs as enrichment programs more than academic excellence.

My son finished G1-6 EPGY Maths at P2 level. From G7 onward, his local CMI School’s English standard can't support him to study higher level Maths. So he stopped one year in Maths and focused on English so that he could continue the EPGY program at P4. "Start and stop" is very difficult for us and the boy (He may think he was under average, eventually, he was well advance.), be sensitive and need to explain to him in details..... He also told us to take CMI secondary school instead of EMI, then we arranged two holidays in English and PTH speaking countries, his first hand experience reminded him that he needed to master both. 

After he can manage both Chinese and English at certain standards, he started to learn PTH. The teacher was from Beijing and I appreciated her methodology, activity-based and also focused on writing skills training. But she didn’t take students older than 10......... (No need to ask or pm me, she quitted and just as simple house wife, referred by a friend.)

When he got into an elite secondary school, he became mediocre. He struggled a bit, we didn't offer any help until he made up his mind to do IBDP. He took English writing remedial class and some class more examination-oriented to improve his chance to take IB. It's tough, now we can see his positive progress in bilingual program.

It's not easy, but we love our kids, relationship and communication are the fundamentals to nurture a great kid. 

May be some parents will say also financial resources and parents' academic standard...... Some programs are free of charge........ 

You may ask the follow up question, how do we know his standard compare with other kids?

Of course, we shared among groups of friends in business circles and in church. We picked up some great ideas from more knowledgeable parents and we studied and sourced around different programs in HK and overseas. We also encourage our boy to sit for international examinations in both English and Maths, not to show-off here, more for benchmarking. Reality check the medium fish in the ocean........ (I guess our kids' destination is ocean not the ponds.)

My personal reflection on HK educational system is..... When our dear educational official told us to move forward 3 steps, I will stop immediately and look around and may left or right turn with 1 step back....... Sorry not social dance, that what I am doing now. Not funny,  

In conclusion, no fast track, no right or wrong, but needs trial and error type of approach.


回覆 15# stccmc 的文章

If you can do it again, would you do it differently in terms of bilingual capabilities?



My friend, you always ask tough and reviewing question. Force me to re-think and learn from my past decision , past mistakes and approach.

Give me 24 hrs to rethink and come back to you. May be here or pm you.


Reply to stccmc


My simple answer is yes, I will follow most of my current approach, not purely bilingual capability, I will add back another critical element - Gifted Education that I shared not much in Education Policy sub-forum, I can't see anyone can replace our roles to face those difficulties.


During pregnancy, our doctor suspected our boy may have Down's syndrome. Before 2.5 years old, he couldn't speak more than single word. After diagnosis, the pediatrics professor identified him as slow learner........... He advised us some options and I started my journey to search, mix-and-match treatment and special education for my son.

During the exploration stage, I knew that gifted and slow learner educations are twins, under similar category. Around 4.5, a sister in Christ reminded us that he may not be slow learner, may be a gifted kid in numbers, logic, reasoning, memory....... He started EPGY at K3 and completed G1-4 in 13 months....... He was confirmed as gifted (IQ 130+) at 7.5 years old.

Along the line, we focused on Christian kindergarten and primary school; we expected a more caring environment for a slow learner...... DBSPD, SPCCPD are all out of our radar........

We are very lucky to have an excellent psychologist guided us through most of the process. How to understand a gifted kid? How to source programs locally and internationally to fit his potential? His hidden physical limitation, like flat feet, writing problem etc........ She introduced us to some NGOs for treatments, as he was very young, 1~2 years to solve those limitations, so that he can enjoy sports and musical instruments afterward.....

From 2.5 to 11 years old, we use Plan - Do - Check - Act to guide him through the process. (PDCA in quality management concept and methodology, I borrow that for my kid's development.) That's why some parents wondered how come a father knows his son so well.........

Bilingual Education

I support "兩文三語", but not just rely on the school. My observation is school mainly for mediocre, can't handle top and bottom 3~5% students (I understand teachers limitations: resources, classroom discipline and administrative works....). If my boy falls in anyone of the two categories, I need to do it by myself to support my son. So you may understand the rationale behind why and how I fine-tuned his language ability (Cantonese, English, and PTH) from time to time by using external resources, also using PDCA. 

Now, DSS provides more options for parents, most of them are good schools. Not great, because of sound concept or vision, no or limited track records in academic and ECA....... (Personally, I prefer blue chips and not conceptual stocks ......)

He studies in an elite DSS school, that's not my choice, but his choice. He struggled, survived, mature, excel..... I am not sure it's by luck or heritage, the school has their own way to nurture great kids, that's I am not fully understand. (Some picky parents may argue one or two boys committed minor crimes before ……)  

When we talked about LS, they provided assembly on a weekly basis, they invited public figures or influential people to make speeches on wide range of topics, politics, public administration, education, religions, current affairs ...... they can ask tough questions, challenge the guests........ Even political incorrect to invite Uncle Wah for speech before June Fourth 20th anniversary in 2009......

stccmc, sorry, I can't answer your question precisely and may be side track too much. But your question reminds me that I may make a right choice to be a responsible father and partnership with my dear wife to walk through a tough but rewarding journey together.




It is a great sharing, whether or not that answered my question.  It does not matter. Thank you very much.  

Your journey from slow learner to gifted greatness is anything but typical.   It seems all great kids have dedicated and wise parents. 

I also agree with you on schools inability to care for high flyers and bottom dwellers. I am nit as optimistics as top and bottom 5% though. I think it is more like 10 to 20%.


你的分享讓我聯想起另一位聰明仔爸爸。 他的兒子出生時體弱多病,夫妻倆人花了大量時間/精力培養小朋友。 一個小朋友可以健康愉快成長,除了要有個好媽媽,好爸爸的功勞一定不小。

我第一次見識到有人將 quality management 的原理套用到兒女的教育上,不知你可否舉些親身經歷, 讓我可以偷偷師?




PDCA example 1
PDCA is a quality improvement cycle proposed by Dr Edward Deming, who was a statistician and not doing well in USA and moved to Japan after WWII. His 14 rules and PDCA are the driving force to transform the quality of Japanese products.

If you want to know more about the basic concept, you can do keyword search in wiki.

As promise, I show the example of my son's university admission as the quality goal.


Begin with the end in mind, our target is university admission and aim at professional programs. We follow school's advice 2-4-2, first two are dream universities, four are very good and the second two as back up..... He doesn't complete the list yet.

Base on the program, he needs to identify the standard of compulsory subjects and the score for interview or admission. Some program may have special requirements, he needs to highlight and adjust his choice of subjects.


Chosen Subjects

HL Maths

HL Chem

HL Phy

SL Econ

SL Eng

SL Chin

Overall Score


Target University

Field of Study





























exclude 3 bonus












Global Business










Quantitative Finance

















no interview


Base on results, we can benchmark with the university requirements and evaluate the progres is improved or declined. Identify the difficulties or challenges for some subjects, if he can't identify it, it's difficult to improve.










1st Term









2nd Term









Progress1. Maths, Chemistry and Physics are upto expectation
2. Economics not perform very well in final exam paper
3. English has significant improvement in IOP
4. Chinese still the weakest link

Base on the evaluation/check, he needs to come up improvement actions to address his weakness, expand his scope or plan ahead......

Course of Action1. Attend SAT camp in summer
2. Attend Chinese writing course in summer
3. Discuss with teacher how to improve the Physics grade from 6 to 7
4. Cut the on-line time and more focus in class
5. Start to plan EE and TOK - initial research on the tentative topics
6. Integrate CAS with career exposure to save time

Repeat the cycle every 5-6 months and initiate corrective action toward the ultimate goal......

*** Deleted ***

This method similar to Performance Planning exercise in HR etc., you can mix and match with other method. Share with us here......


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1)你仔仔對製訂那個PDCA的參與程度? (For this case, he is heavily involved and need to do his search from websites, he also sent email to admission offices to clarify some entry requirements, attended admission talks in local and overseas universities and discussed with old boys graduated from targeted universities. His school encourages boys to attend admission talks, organise University Day, and also join the mentorship program. From 4-11, we did most researches and shared with him, sometimes he disagreed and not cooperate with us. At the end, he followed our suggestions based on trust and our unconditional love.)

2)你仔仔7.5歲時做了IQ test,那時/或者之前,你們有沒有跟他說說他的情況? (No we didn't.....   )


回復 8# Christi 的帖子

He knows he was gifted but doesn't know his slow learner problems etc. 鬥心 is by his own motivation, pretty strong in primary school and need adjustment before P5.

In G7-8, his 鬥心 declined as compare with so many elites in the school. His  鬥心 is strengthed as he did extremely well in G9 final examination and he can get in IB stream.






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回覆 lillymarie 12-3-17 07:25
my son also started very slow, but turned out he is very smart. But he also has other problems hindering his achievement.
回覆 ANChan59 12-3-17 09:05
My friend, he is a gift from the Lord, we need to support him anyway,

When look back, my family struggle together is a blessing and catalyst for our relationship.

Keep it up.


I know some friends may miss some of my previous posts which may be useful for certain scenario, put them into the blog may be easier to refer. Sometimes I can't search in EK either.

I am summarising a long thread related to gifted education, which may shed my experience and thoughts.
回覆 Snakemama 12-3-17 09:33
Hi ANchan59, here are some questions for you: 1. Time management ( the way to balance studying and playing; school homework and extra exercises; academic and other activities) 2. Ability evaluations 3. Parents participation 4. Right tutor(s).  Thanks a lot. (my son is going to an EMI secondary school this September from a CMI primary school)
回覆 ANChan59 12-3-17 10:01
Quick comments

1. Time management - always an issue, need to adjust from time to time, no quick fix. Maintain the relationship and open communication, work out an agreed plan.

2. Ability evaluations - I will use expectation management to answer your question. Pls bear in mind, he is capable but get in EMI, his classmates are equally capable, if he can maintain at the middle or above in the form, he is fine and no need for tutoring.

3. He will become teenager and youth, he will seek for 3Is - Identity, Ideal and Intimacy. It's normal, he will declare independence very soon, we need to let go. As a Christian father, I need to pray for him and cultivate/induce a correct value system in his heart......

4. Tutor - I don't recommend that, unless he is too far behind.

5. Spare sometime with him regularly and let him know, whatever happen, you are there...even he gets into trouble.

I summarised my experience in the post

Unconditional love - he knows that deep in his heart, he doesn't want to hurt you, even made mistakes, he will be back
Harmonised relationship - so many attractions or deduction out there, balance out secular culture. Why some kids join Triad groups?
Open communication - so obvious, not just kid and parents, same as hubby and wife.

The last but not the least, congratulation, keep up your good work.
回覆 Yanamami 12-3-17 12:49
回覆 Snakemama 12-3-17 17:56
ANChan59: Quick comments

1. Time management - always an issue, need to adjust from time to time, no quick fix. Maintain the relationship and open communication ...
Tks very much.  One more question (hopefully): what and how to prepare for the secondary school for both my son and  us ( 5 1/2 months to go)
回覆 ANChan59 12-3-17 18:02
1. Find some seniors who have the same primary school as you son, let them talk about the difference in both schools, which subjects are more difficult? who is the best teachers?......

2. Buy the books asap, encourage him to do some pre-reading.

3. Enjoy the summer vacation, organise some gatherings with classmates (primary school.)

You all will be fine, relax.....
回覆 Snakemama 12-3-18 01:22
ANChan59: 1. Find some seniors who have the same primary school as you son, let them talk about the difference in both schools, which subjects are more difficul ...
Tks again. After I read the theory about PDCA, I realised that I am doing the PD all the time on my son's issues,  the problem is I never do CA, always 半途而癈 (different reasons).  

I am thinking maybe now is the best time for us to use the cycle to prepare for our new phase. Will keep you posted.
回覆 ANChan59 12-3-18 10:15
You got it...

My theory is very simple and realistic, the difference is the mindset and persistence, even in CA you may encounter difficulties, then adjust the actions once agreed with your kid......

I wish you will make it but don't over-stressed the kid.
回覆 MC1128 13-11-28 17:46
回覆 ANChan59 13-11-28 19:20
MC1128: 好像翻看紀錄片
Yes, I know you like stories.


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