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讀完Law是否很難找Law Firm工作?

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派First Hon, 排名咪好快超越中大港大

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

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你咁講, 小心你瓜得仲快過HK.  

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9498mami 發表於 14-9-4 11:58
請問有無家長可以解答? ...
啱啱先睇到呢條thread, 又嚟發吓牙痕。計落得幾個可能,一係佢冇乜信心,一係佢好聰明,再唔係就係佢後面有個好似我咁嘅「高」人指點。Law同醫不同,唔係讀完個degree就係律師。讀醫就算你係包尾,都會係醫生,但有近一半既law graduates沒有升讀pcll成為律師,當中成績當然係主因。讀得hku law, 絕大多數由細到大都被旁人視作人中龍鳳,入學時不免會有贏一半人並非難事的想法,但四年下來,總會有—半人成績在另一半人之下。入讀pcll日趨激烈,數週前才聽說oxibridge first class grad 讀完jd後入唔到pcll的terror story. 故效法古人田忌,入讀city u law並非不智。在美國有不少學生,寧顧入讀一線尾或二線頭而捨一流大學,為的就是想有好啲嘅GPA嚟報medical schools 同law schools.

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It is only natural the admission officers will adjust a somewhat worse gpa from a better school against a better gpa from a better school, but a lot of people will argue such adjustments are never adequate. People 將名校畢業生稱先啲 simply because they are better oon average.

More significantly in Hong Kong, the three universities consider their own graduates first against graduates from other schools. This means if you are in City U, you more or less are competing with your own mates first for the pcll places. At the moment, the number of law graduates (local and overseas) is 3 times the entrants of pcll or more. We have just over 600 pcll graduates every year. 

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醒目開學勳章 王國長老

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回覆:讀完Law是否很難找Law Firm工作?

認真答:我roommate係一個讀書怪,first degree 讀會計後火速攪掂acca(屋企無錢去美國考aicpa佢亦覺得無需要,捨易取難)。畢業時first hon不單止,仲係入dean's list。一畢業入big 4做tax (tax比audit難入好多)。做得幾年,讀LLB 後辭工讀pcll。全部科目第一take合格。一畢業入A&O做trainee。

勁呢!不過佢都的確有話我知呢行有幾間大行會睇家底請人。好彩地A&O唔係,所以出路一定有。不過入唔入到最想做果瓣又係難。佢一直想做litigation,但入唔到,佢亦唔甘心做個攪樓契的律師仔,最後揀左去I bank做legal counsel,聽佢講做得麻麻地開心

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It's never easy to work happily at an ibank, no matter what the position is. Unlike accounting exams, pcll is assessed internally n it cannot be described as difficult as long as you can get in.
It's true that it's more difficult for a city u graduate to find a training contract with a magic circle firm. Also with the recent suicide cases of law studentsstudents, the path to become a lawyer has to be trodden carefully.

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Just curious. Are you working at a big 4? Why do you have the impression it's more difficult to get into tax?

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It's difficult to respond to your 離地 comments. Do some research first. A little common sense is dangerous in law matters.

The universities do not just grant 「些微特別優待」to their own graduates,ask around pls or check it out at other specialised forums. If the pcll admission followed strictly 「擇優而選」, city u would indeed be really a great school as majoity of its pcll students come from city u llb n jd. It would mean the university manages to turn half their law students into lawyers, beating half of hku law students who can't get into pcll n who in most cases outscore all the city u law students at jupas time.

The case you mentioned is the norm rather than exception. Unlike other disciplines, most city firms sign up their recruits well before the students graduate n they normally sponsor their pcll studies as well.

Saying we have too many pcll graduates is amusing, to say the least.

Of course, most people around me still choose hku law first for the reasons you cited. It is only natural.

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As you're not talking about HK situation in particular but pcll is peculiar to HK, a meaningful discussion with you is impossible. As you say you have many lawer friends, ask them.

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「那些若並非本身高質素而靠「走精面」入讀CityU LLB然後PCLL的學生,即使最終能成功當偷雞當得成律師那有如何?」 my goodness, any idea what you are talking about? Logically you're insulting all city u law students. If there is nothing wrong with a city u law graduate becoming a lawyer, what's wrong with someone choosing city u over hku to become a lawyer?
Your logic is weird.

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lisinchi 發表於 14-11-22 17:44
我對law 的common sense 絶對不會比你少,更加比不少律師多,而認識的law 友也不少。“A little commonsens ...

Reading your opening statement again, I suddenly realize it is a complement for me. Thank you. I have never seen you considering anyone as your equal. Thank you. Talk nicely, will you? Have some empathy for others. No one enjoys talking to an arrogant 蚍蜉. And talk about sth you're really good at. People enjoy reading them. No one in the world is good at everything.


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有些家長或學生心目中只有hku law, 連cu law也看不上,city u law更不用說。不少人過高估計自己或自己子女,其實讀法律這條路比一般人想的要難走一點。2014 hku 入讀 law 的 dse best 6 median 分數是36,比醫低兩點,但用美國大學的收生標準看來,這—班人可能更優秀。語言能力、口才、外型都應該較優(主要是因為自覺這幾方面都不錯的人較傾向於選law),但這班人有相當—部分成不了律師。有些人入唔到hku law或cu law,但又唔想讀city u law, 選擇負笈英國或澳洲,但這條路更難走。首先要比香港law students考多個conversion exam,考7、8張卷,只有小部分學生可在畢業時已考完全部,過咗conversion先可以報pcll。再者大學學位一定要係good 2-1 或以上,特別係大學唔係咁出名嘅,Oxibridge或者lse就咁2-1都怕可以。所以去外國讀law再回港讀pcll 的成功率遠較本地學生低。

city u law entrance marks 嘅median 係31,學生質素平均自不然比hku law 低,但已與聰明仔爸爸出身的hku engine 相約。

利申:冇仔女或近親喺city u law 讀過。

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It is not necessary to get into a less good school on purpose to maximize the chance of getting into pcll. If one cannot get into hku or cu law, studying law in city u is not the end of the world, as most of Hku cu city u law graduates all will work in small and medium firms.