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Fate 16-7-24 19:20
Regret For what you'd not done when younger? For something that did matter? Return To a place you once belonged? To relive the moment that long gone? Reunion With no expectation and no reason? With a goodbye that saddens all seasons? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfAxWtcfDUk Refreshed Terence https://uk.linkedin.com/in/terence-lai-37276b31 ...
Fate 16-6-3 19:57
舊地重遊, 快樂再有? 雖然現在已不是 'May', 而此刻亦不再是 '黎明 ', 但我心知 '今夜你會不會來'. 你心知 '我愛 I Chi Ban'? 未知你是否依然 '傻癡癡' ? 依然記得那句 '我的親愛' 經典? '不在乎天長地久, 只在乎曾經擁有' 我今年回港* 回味 '大城小事' 未知你我可否 '夏日傾(計)情'? 全因為 '(友)情深說話未曾講'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_rzQKmKL6E '人在邊緣' 的 Terence Skype : fatesecrets * 8月4 - 26號在港 https://uk.linkedin.com/in/terence ... ...
Fate 16-4-26 18:59
Best things in Life are Free. That's why 7 billions are here. Supporting each other is the key. That is why you're always here. The message is loud and clear : Friends give Love, Hope and...Beer! That is why we're all here. Beautiful Day kicks away your fear, Helpful Friends give you happy tears. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sAb-fqBrUsY https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q-XCmb6t6Zw Kind regards Terence Lai, ... ...
Fate 16-4-8 16:46
兩年前她巳聯絡我, 奈何當時我與家人在港渡假。 數天前,大家終於有時間分享,接受她的訪問。 訪問將在 Daily  Mail刊登, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/index.html , http://tanithcarey.com https://twitter.com/TanithCarey https://uk.linkedin.com/in/terence-lai-37276b31 Twitter : @longyinfather www.fatesecrets.blogspot.com ...
Berry_luk 14-4-23 13:08
Fate: Hi Alfred,

Thank you for your Trust.

I just replied Berry openly. Please have a read too.

Your boy's age of 15 could be tricky.

Because my boy is ...
Dear Terence,

Very informative and useful. Thanks a lot ...

Berry_luk 14-4-22 12:03
Dear Terence,

Thanks for your sharing of Davon In the EK and we're interest to see if my boy can apply this excellent school.

My boy is 15 now and studying in a Band 1A school in HKG with average acedemic result.

As we believe that UK education is more suitable for him, would you mind to share your road to enrol this school? FYI, we're (inlcuding my son) UK passport holders.

Many thousand!!!

Warm regards,
Tommy 12-5-6 10:52
Fate : How's your recent UK trip, Tommy? Trust everything is fine with your boys. I suppose the next challenge for you and your wife is, How're you to pre ... Fate, Thanks for your consistent caring to me and my boy.  To be honest, my previous trip to UK was not good.  We were turned down after the interview.  However, as you said Prepare, Plan for forward, Persistence.  We didn't give up.  Finally, we got a place of Year 9 in t ... ...
Gimum 12-2-3 16:50
Hello Fate,  could I share one experience to you and asking for some comments.  My daughter will go to UK in coming September for L6 study.  She has a place offered by Dauntsey's School.  We visited the school during CNY holiday and the school impression for us is much better.  My girl is much loved study there.  We also interviewed one school called Hurtwood House School but now still not offered yet.  Compare to Dauntsey's a ... ...
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