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Strategy get into hot professional programs in the University (2010-9-12)

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In high school, the target of most students is getting into the local universities, particularly hot professional programs like Medicine, Accountancy, Law, etc.

Parents can share their strategy, planning and positioning how to get into those hot programs.


Strategy 1 - Global Exposure - 

Visit developed, developing and under-developed regions and countries. I particularly mentioned regions because our kids can see different development regions even in China. 

Not just overseas language summer camp, some working camp, mission trips or volunteer works etc can expand our kids exposure in culture, social problems etc......

Wider exposure can have better and more topics for admission interview, as it's your kid's personal experience, it's much easier for them to present in the interview. I strongly recommend my son to write down the trip report or summary in ppt format to share with others and group them together become an impressive portfolio.... of course, he can't do every trip.

Strategy 2 - University Admission Requirement and Procedures

From September onward, many universities either local or from overseas have orientation day for admission or exhibition.

My friend's boy is in a local Band 1 EMI school at F7, his parents recommended him to attend the admission seminars of HKUST (18/9), but he preferred to study instead of seminars. 

My son was also there, after the gathering, I asked him would you like to go and know more about the non-JUPAS application procedures and programs offer by target universities. He said he would like to know more and has more time to plan for that, so we will go for CUHK (9/10)and HKU (30/10).

His school also notify them to attend seminars of different universities, either in his schools or even other schools or HK Convention & Exhibition Centre. 

On Wed, they have Ivy League Fair in-house, they invited some old boys to share about their experience in those universities etc. They can ask different questions to evaluate which school is or are best fit their ability and interest.

Know the admission officer face to face and exchange business cards, we can keep the contact and ask more appropriate questions.

Strategy 3 - Summer job or attachment (Pay or no pay)
(Suggested by mattsmum)

Work experience related to the professional subject definitely help to improve the advantage of the applicants. Through the experience, you may know the career more, understand the industry norm, know some influential people as mentor or supervisor (My son's school has the mentorship program for seniors), know the process and precedure to get professional qualification etc.

Some extreme examples as follow:

My ex-boss his eldest son studied in HKIS, summer job in Goldman Sachs and finally admitted to LSE in UK.

A friend of mine, his daughter got a summer job in HSBC and an International hotel chain, admitted to LSE and finally work for Investment Bank.

For ideal case, I would like my son can have overseas summer job experience , eg. US, Germany or even China (Beijing or Shanghai), Fortune 100 even better http://www.edu-kingdom.com/static/image/smiley/default/victory.gif . I don't mind no-pay, I will pay for tickets and provide maintenance fee for my son........ Anyone have contact??? http://www.edu-kingdom.com/static/image/smiley/default/titter.gif 

For science or engineering, self-nomination to universities as volunteer. Age may be a concern, too young is difficult to get insurance coverage and cannot get into laboratory or operating machinery. 

As volunteer to serve some professional bodies or trade associations........you can know some influential people, VIP, potential boss. Don't treat me wrong, I mean networking not polish the apple.

Strategy 3A Attachment

In the admission talk of Medicine Faculty, CUHK, one of the speaker Dr. Lee, he shared with us what he did when he was in International School, he sent email to Professors in HKU and CUHK to ask for attachments. He was lucky enough to have 2 attachments in QMH and PWH respectively.

In the attachments, he understands the life of a doctor in hospital, the urgency, the life and death, emotional ups and downs, difference in Medicine and Surgery etc. He found the passion to be a doctor and go for it. He emphasis the career can be lasted for 40 years, if you can test it out before the final decision is a good move.

The same principle applies to other professional. Take an initiative to seek for opportunity by yourself, understand the career, pros and cons, other opportunities, hardship and rewards etc.....

PRC Attachment

Last two weeks I hosted two high school students from an Elite girl school and a boy from IS for the attachment in China & HK. Their academic background are flying colors and eligible for scholarship(s) in US.

They don't mind to live with workers in the dorm, basic living standard and they learn alot during the attachment.

They presented to me on Saturday what they learnt from the attachment:

1. The future decline of the World Factory in China when the costkeep on rising;
2. The industry transformation in China from low tech to high tech and more value-added....;
3. They are very lucky in HK, teenagers with similar age are working in the factory and the job pretty repetitive......
4. They teach staff to play piano, keyboard.....

After two weeks, they confirmed their future university majors and career path......... As a mentor, I am happy to know their inspirations........

My suggestion for summer jobs:

1. Through your gangxi is the key, most go for university students
2. Go for shadowing, she may not have hand-on training experience, just understand the job, observe and paperwork only.
3. Insurance is a big concern - age, can't work in Lab or operate machine.
4. Prepare a CV, all request an impressive CV.
5. Just job exposure, go for fast food chain, clothes chain....... not necessary high profile companies. 

Strategy 4 - OLE/ECA/CAS with focus or theme(s)

Last Saturday, my son'e school organised an University Day with over 30 old boys came back and shared their overseas universities studying experience to their juniors.

As they were from various background and countries, they provided an important idea for us to reconsider my son's CAS.

OLE/ECA/CAS are based on hours and achievements, but most students won't leverage with their dream programs. Say medicine, your ECA or CAS are piano and or swimming, it's good but if you can related that to your program which make a difference. E.g. run a concert as fund raising to sponsor a mini-medical check up program for the elderly in a public housing estates like in Shamshuipo, still related to music, but add more elements into it: aging population, medical check-up, leadership and creativity.

Wow, they challenged us and also opened our mind to do something more meaningful and challenging.

Strategy 5 - Self-discovery - major & career

We had a large group Christmas party on 25th and many kids of our friends from overseas, UK, USA and Australia had some useful conversations related to program, major and career selection. 

A couple of them mentioned that they did some self exploratory analysis in their high school or in junior years of college.

I guess some schools have similar arrangement to help students understand their interests & skills and facilitate them to pick a better program and career. If not pls refer to the following websites may help:

1. Questionnaire to identify your Holland Codes


2. Explanation of Holland Codes and the highest 3 codes match with different majors and careers, two colleges examples listed as reference


http://career.missouri.edu/resou ... %20Code%20S2010.pdf


I know more than one assessment around for similar application, Holland Code just one of them. If your kid doesn't have any clue about the program and the career, this may be a good starting point.

Strategy 6 - Scholarship

Two years ago, I was a panel member of a scholarship selection panel for a local professional institution. We interviewed 8 of top students, 2-3 were eligible for EAS and only 3 come from famous elite schools (全港名校 - 皇仁、英皇.....), and others are from local elite schools(地區名校 - 林護、鄧顯...).

All of them have two common characteristics:
1. Scholarships from different organizations; and
2. Best student awards from different district.

As a panel member, I felt that they came across other scholarship selection process before; they are clam, presentable and have the passion for the future program and career. It's easy for us to nominate them to get the scholarship of that year.

I strongly recommend our kids apply different scholarships, not just you can get it and make your CV more impressive, also give them a great opportunity to go through the selection process before the university admission process.

Lucky enough, they get some scholarships and really show their capability, character and passion of related discipline of professional. I can guarantee they have better chance to be accepted by that hot program. Even some of the panel members may be come from the university..........

Other Strategies

I would like other parents to chip in their two cents in the following areas:

7. Interview, tough interview questions .....
8. Reference letter - Academic, character......
9. Extra-ordinary achievements.....
10. Others....


Around summer time, my son made a friend through fb, eventually, he is my son's senior and claimed - works in a MNC. He shared his experience with my son:

1. The senior observed most of his classmates or colleagues have better career advancement, they are more receptive to take parents arrangement in career exploration. His rationale is parents can arrange that must be more educated, well connected and more future looking, which the children can't have at that age. The children willing to take the golden opportunities, they may have a jump satrt.

2. He aslo recommended my son to read a few books written by Malcom Gladwell, my son borrowed them from the library and finished them in summer. 


ch1970 post

兩大(三大則不清楚)裡頭有不少學者都以研究跨國生活出身(果然是大學, 什麼東西都可以研究),定期會與不同科系部門的人灌輸相關知識。不記得港大還是中大, 商學院的高層同時又是負責做跨國學生學術聯繫的, 有次他跟大學裡研究跨國生活經驗的學者, 還有一所big4HR見面時, 兩人不若而同說, 每逢面試, 總有一大籮人說自己很有國際視野, 但細問卻只可以像寫cv般將自己的經歷複述一次和淺層的感受, 完全不impressive. 這是數年前一名與他們共事的研究員跟我談起, 可見大學/見工面試, 應該不只要求面試者能透露自己的不同經歷, 而且還要求更多的吧? 我覺得可以試找出那些學者究竟是什麼科系, 略略看一下他們的文章, 就可以更了解究竟大學裡頭, 所謂國際見識其實是什麼一回事。 

回復 ch1970 的帖子

Global exposure definitely more than just visits, seminars, friends........ reflection, actions, value system, higher level think are preferable.  

My intention is used examples to trigger parents to stretch their boundaries, I didn't try all of them. I need to be humble in this aspect, but I will rise the hurdle as time goes by...... I won't expect a 16 years kid's compare with a professor in a very in-depth but narrow scope. I would like him or other kids have exposures in whatever means first, then in-depth....... How to internalize those experience are up to him, with our appropriate guidance? 

ksenia suggested the following website: http://www.experiencegla.com/
found a website about teen volunteering..but the tuition fee is expensive
it doesn't include air ticket 








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