Communication Arts - Speech & Communication Jr

Speech & Communication Jr
課程導師 未有提供
課程對象 1歲 - 2歲、3歲 - 5歲
課堂週期 逢星期四、六
課程特色 小班教學、自家編制教材、外籍老師、本地老師
$3,120 / 8堂


                    Develop listening and comprehension skills through storytelling, and develop a love of language through storybooks that will have an impact on all communication skills. Explore storybooks, non-fiction, art, role-play, games, and singing to encourage imaginative skills through a range of activities. Enhance comprehension, as well as social skills and vocabulary.

Skills Focus

- Boost listening skills
- Foster imagination
- Enhance vocabulary and communication skills
- Sharpen memory and understanding

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