Smart City

Smart City
課程導師 未有提供
課程對象 3歲 - 5歲、6歲 - 8歲、9歲 - 11歲、12歲- 14歲
課堂週期 逢星期一、二、三、四、五、六
課程特色 包括網上教學、小班教學、國際認可課程、證書課程、外籍老師、本地老師、定時進度評估、普通話教學、特殊教育課程、1 對 1 教學
$1,700 / 4堂


                    How is a city built nowadays? What will a city be like in the future? To learn more about these questions and civil engineering, students can take up our HK Build-Up course. In this course, students will build various structures using everyday items and learn how engineers solve issues using the Engineering Design Process.