Phonics 拼音班 (K1) 1對1教學

Phonics (K1) private class
課程導師 未有提供
課程對象 1歲 - 2歲
課堂週期 未有提供
課程特色 自家編制教材、本地老師、1 對 1 教學
$800 / 1堂


                    Our Phonics curriculum focuses on both English reading and spelling. The course is suitable for kindergarten to primary level learners, whereas the golden period to start learning Phonics would be 3 to 4 years old. Along with our sound based learning, young learners can do blending and decoding of vocabulary efficiently.

There are 8 stages from fundamental single sound-learning (e.g. a, e, i, o, u, etc.) to advance sound- learning (e.g. ch, oo, aw, igh, air, etc.), and from reading letters, words and finally to sentences. In general, it takes around three months to progress to a new stage.

By finishing all stages of phonics, learners would be able to read and spell 80-90% of children daily English vocabulary, yet the same decoding method in reading and spelling can be carried on in their later lives. Also, kids have more confidence in using English as medium of language with an earlier exposure.