Coding Minecraft

Coding Minecraft
課程導師 未有提供
課程對象 3歲 - 5歲、6歲 - 8歲、9歲 - 11歲、12歲- 14歲
課堂週期 逢星期一、二、三、四、五、六
課程特色 包括網上教學、小班教學、國際認可課程、證書課程、外籍老師、本地老師、定時進度評估、普通話教學、特殊教育課程、1 對 1 教學
$1,500 / 4堂


                    In Coding Minecraft, students will learn the coding syntax of Java through the creation of various mods for Minecraft, allowing them to view how their code has affected the game almost simultaneously. Starting from a simple drag-and-drop format, then to typing out code, students will be able to explore the vast world of coding through Java and all its various functionalities.